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Advertising Campaign

four poster mockup.png

Through a thorough brand analysis of BAGGU, I created a social campaign that emphasized the sustainablity of the brand. BAGGU is a bag and accessories brand based that has a singular mission: to create products out of sustainable materials. This campaign emphasizes the brands mission and markets it to audiences of all demographics t:hrough

  • Environmental buzzwords such as "earth" and "sustainable"​

  • A 360-degree campaign approach that reaches customers both through print advertisments and digitally 

  • Implementation of #bagguthatsit to encourage consumer participation on social media

  • Use of "thats it" in slogans to emphasize the brand's authentic focus on sustainable fashion

two poster mockup.png

Above and left: print campaign

home page social media mockup.png
singular poster mockup.png
phone carousel mockup.png

Social media campaign 

BAGGU ad project final images-05.png
BAGGU ad project final images-06.png
BAGGU ad project final images-07.png

Social media designs

Reel motion graphic

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