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UX Design & Branding

multiple phones app mockup.png

PALLA is a second-hand clothing marketplace application. The project aims to solve the problem of poor consumer experience when buying from online resale corporations as well as promote sustainable shopping practices. Through research and personal experience, I have determined that much of the appeal and excitement of buying clothes from secondhand shops is lost because they do not provide the same polished and expertly branded experience that mainstream clothing retailers do. This causes second-hand retailers to not be able to compete as strongly with mainstream clothing retailers. Through the design of the interface and visual identity of PALLA, I will improve consumer experience by solving aforementioned problems. Through these goals, PALLA can grow the popularity of sustainable consumption in the fashion industry.

app mockup 2.png
app mockup 1.png

App interface mockups

shipping bag mockup mult.png

Shipping mailer design

sticket sheet multi.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 3.47.17 PM.png

Sticker sheet and mailer insert

two poster ad mockup.png

Street advertisments

street ad 1.png

Street advertisment

App prototype video

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