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Urban Humanscapes

Book Design

This book combines three main ideas in relation to urban planning: community through urban planning, urban planning and its effect on mental health, and the intersection of wealth and urban planning.  At the end of the three chapters, a conclusion chapter outlines some positive actions readers can implement to fight against the challenges that modern planning brings to communities. Essentially, this book is a starting point for those starting to learn about the impact of urban planning on their lives and the lives of those in their communities. The book is informational yet personal, telling stories of communities through both statistics and interviews.

multiple cover mockup.png
cover mockup.png

Book cover design


Selected spreads

book divider couple.png

Chapter divider spreads

  • Printed on 250gsm card stock to differentiate from the uncoated lighter stock of the pages

  • Circle die cuts represent the permeability of information through chapters 

    • All of the information in the book is interconnected to reflect the experiences of those living in urban environments

contents mockup.png

Selected spreads

book divider one copy.png

Statistics and map-based spreads

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